The startup coworking of Košice

We gather up in a family house near the centre of Košice. There are 3 floors with 26 work desks, awesome kitchen, living room, underground fablab and large barbeque yard.

free coffee & snacks
air conditioning
a3 + a4 printer + Scanner
yard with porch
2 bathrooms with showers
skype room


We are at Skladná 58 in Košice, 5 minutes from 2 different bus stops and there is a grocery store right next to us. Our street is the edge of the resident parking zone, so most of our guests just park around the corner.


A fixed desk costs a 100 EUR a month, 10 EUR for one day, and if you plan to come frequently but unpredictably, there is a chaos package with 10 non-sequent days for 50 EUR. (20% VAT is added to all costs)

For their first day I let people in for free, so it is easier to get them addicted to free coffee and questionable humor.

Free tour

Let’s start with our unique value - this epic exterior. Our 1st world residents are so spoiled by it, that now they bitch about missing the swimming pool there.

Here is the barbeque event we organized for local startup community during our startup camp. We couldn’t get people out until 3am so I guess it was good.

One of the most occupied spaces is our porch, no matter how cold it is outside. It’s right next to the kitchen, so it is a great place to munch your lunch.

This is our kitchen. Yes, it is beautiful and very well equipped thanks to the owner of the house

Fun fact: When I get bored I do some wildlife shooting. Here is a pack of developers lured by a free snack under a well placed security camera.

Here is our living room with projector. We don’t do much screening there but there have been some well spent meetings. Including one Christmas party so intense that everyone forgot to take pictures.

This is our main workspace. If you come to visit, you will most probably sit at one of these desks. This is a picture from one of our startup camp sessions.

Welcome to our upper workspace. All the guys up there have been bitchin’ about it being too hot under the roof, so we installed the AC. It helped. Half of them now bitch about it being too cold.

Here is another jewel of our unique space. These underground parts serve as a home to the V01D hackerspace, where all the kinds of ridiculous things are built. Don’t get fooled by this picture. It is never this clean there.

Come tomorrow

Just contact me at, or call me and I will take care of the rest.

Stanley Mácha

  • 10+ years freelance product design
  • 5+ years Košice startup community
  • founder @ Starport
  • product designer @ Hagedorn Infosysteme
  • ex-product designer @ Groupsolver
Stardust Concepts s.r.o. | Skladná 58, 040 01 Košice-Južné Mesto