Coworking Košice

Entrepreneurs' hub for Košice focused on startups - 26 desks on 3 floors, skype room and a meeting room. Try your first day for free!

"Plants in the workplace not only brighten up an environment, but are scientifically proven to improve productivity & happiness.
Whichever desk you choose, you'll always find one or two of those sitting next to you. Starport is centrally located, about a 10-15 min. walk to the city centre (Hlavná street) and a shopping centre (Aupark). If you need some help, just reach out to Stanley – always keen to offer advice or point you at the right direction. He is very passionate about building a thriving community, regularly organising meetups and workshops. Home-like atmosphere, friendly vibe, unlimited coffee and meeting rooms that you can rent for your brainstorming session or a hackathon are just a few additional reasons to not stay home working in your pajamas... but come to the Starport."


How do you function during COVID crisis?

Since our workdesks are distributed among 3 floors and some residents stay voluntarily at home, our functioning was not limited in any way yet. There are disinfection solutions and spare masks available at all times.

Do you offer any rooms suitable for offline meetings?

We have a closed meeting room for 6 people with TV + chromecast. Residents can use it for free, while external users can book it for 10 EUR/hour. In case of smaller company we have a chill room and you can always use our living room with projector for open meetings.

Do you have any free desks / meeting room?

Overview of current occupation is always updated in our Google sheet. If you want to book something, just select the appropriate desk/date cell, leave a comment with your name and I will write it inside the cell as a confirmation.

Do you have extra screens? Can I bring mine?

Extra monitor vieme poskytnúť len krátkodobo (pár dní). Na svojom stole si samozrejme môžete nechávať svoj vlastný monitor.

How do I begin in your coworking?

Just call / email me. I will wlak you through the space and you can stay for your free day. I will explain the rest, when you are here.

Is there a place to park my car?

Our street is the edge of residency area, but you can use the streets around the corner where our coworkers always find a spot.

What are the opening hours?

Starport is open 24/7 for it's coworkers, even during weekends and holidays.

Do you have any rooms for phone calls?

We have a skype room, chill room and a meeting room. Each one of them can be used for a private phone call.

Any restaurants or gorecy stores around?

For groceirs there is MilkAgro, Fresh and 3 restaurants whre you can eat. We usually bring our own lunch or we order a delivery. Free Trieste coffee and different kinds of tea are included in the coworking price.

Do I have to reorder my workdesk each month?

For fixed desks we automatically presume interest in prolonging the rent, so before we offer it someone else, we first make sure you don't need it anymore.

Stanley Mácha

  • founder @ Starport
  • 10+ rokov freelance product design
  • 5+ rokov s košickou startupovou komunitou
  • product owner / designer @ Netcore (Unimus)
  • product designer @ Hagedorn Infosysteme
  • ex-product designer @ Groupsolver
Stardust Concepts s.r.o. | Skladná 58, 040 01 Košice-Južné Mesto