Study space for students

Stop looking for a coffee shop or library to study for your exams. We have open space with 26 desks on 3 floors. First day for free!

Always open

We are open to let you study 24/7 including night shifts, weekends and holidays.

Fast wifi

We have guaranteed 40/40 Mbit connection our coworkers are happy with for more than 2 years.

Free coffee & tea

We always make sure there is some coffee for our deeply focused coworkers to survive their long shifts

Large desks

We need a lot of space for our laptops, monitors and sketches. Our desks should work fine for your study sessions too.

Pet friendly

We love animals and there is a great yard here, where dogs can take their humans for a little break from work.


Whenever you need support or information about Starport, you can reach out via email, message or phone call

flexi desk (incl. VAT)

Best during semester
when you need to come often for short sessions

flexi desk (incl. VAT)

Best during holidays
when you need to come occasionally for long study sessions

Earn more free days every semester

Starport has a lot of features and beautiful corners you can share with your friends. We decided to reward students for spreading the word and make it even easier to afford our space :)


How can we start?

Just call / email me. I will walk you through the space and you can stay for your free day. I will explain the rest, when you are here.

How do we pay?

Just use the booking sheet to mark your visits. I will count it down at the end of the month and issue an invoice for you.

Do you have any free desks for students?

Overview of current occupation is always updated in our Booking sheet. You can book any unoccupied desk. During the weekends and holidays the space is usually empty, so you there is always a lot to choose from :)

How do you function with COVID restrictions?

Since our workdesks are distributed among 3 floors with multiple rooms, our functioning was not limited in any way yet. There are disinfection solutions and spare masks available at all times.

What are the opening hours?

Starport is open 24/7 for coworkers and students, even during weekends and holidays.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are welcome - there is a lot of space here, so your dog should be happy :)

Home-like atmosphere, friendly vibe, unlimited coffee and meeting rooms that you can rent for your brainstorming session or a hackathon are just a few additional reasons to not stay home working in your pajamas... but come to the Starport."
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Stanley Mácha

  • 10+ years freelance product design
  • 5+ years Košice startup community
  • founder @ Starport
  • product owner / UI designer @ Netcore (
  • product designer @ Hagedorn Infosysteme
  • ex-product designer @ Groupsolver
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