The startup engine of Eastern Slovakia

We see that eastern Slovakia is missing only a little to become a prospering startup ecosystem. Starport products are helping locals to make it happen.

Friends, Family & Fools meetups

In their beginnings startups often have only other startups to learn from and get help with validation and bootstrapping. We organize activities to make this collaboration happen.

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Coworking & founders' hub

We gather up in a family house near the centre of Košice. There are 3 floors with 26 work desks, awesome kitchen, living room, underground fablab and a large barbeque yard.

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Pre-seed startup incubator

For Košice’s most promising teams we have created a window of time and space where they can fully commit to their startups. It’s the best environment to launch often and fail fast.

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A conference for
Košice’s pioneers

To inspire the community our pioneers need a big spotlight. Together with 150 visitors, 6 new startups and 10 guest speakers we launched  our first startup conference to do just that.

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Stanley Mácha

  • 10+ years freelance product design
  • 5+ years Košice startup community
  • founder @ Starport
  • product designer @ Hagedorn Infosysteme
  • ex-product designer @ Groupsolver
  • ex-chairman @ Eastcubator

Peter Urban

  • 15+ years in software enterprises and startups
  • Chief Product Officer @ Nordlicht
  • ex-head of product @ Matsuko
  • ex-product owner @ Wirecard AG
  • advising 3 startups now
Stardust Concepts s.r.o. | Skladná 58, 040 01 Košice-Južné Mesto