Study space Košice

Stanley Mácha
Starport founder

✋To register, open the [the booking sheet], find your row
 and leave a comment "here" on the dates you were in Starport. If you don't have your row, I will create it for you on your first day.

🚀 The first day is free

⭐️ +3 free days for a [Google review]

⭐️ +3 free days for a [Facebook review]
+1 free day for each new student you bring

💰 After that it's [5 EUR / day] or [50 EUR / month]

You can pay with card or cash.

⏰  Members have their own 24/7 access to the space so they can get in and out whenever they need.

🪑 You can use the Study space in the basement at all times. You can also use the desks in Meeting room and Coworking space whenever coworkers are not using it.

🐶 Dogs and cats are generally allowed, if you are unsure about bringing your pet, contact me.

🎉 🇮🇱 Jeries: "Amazing environment for studying and creative work equipped with all supplies for long disciplined sessions of work ... highly recommended for teams and students who are looking for a quiet and beautifully designed space."

🎉 🇮🇱 Amir: "Extraordinary study place. Everything is accomodated so you can have no excuses to study.A good place to clear your mind and focus on your goals and success. The owner treat you as one of the members of the place, in contrast to rest libraries around here. Worth giving it a try
PS: First day you will only roam around just looking at the place for how awesome it is."

🎉 🇩🇪 Naemi: "Great place for study. I am happy to found it, so I can focus totally on my subjects"

🎉 🇩🇪 Celina: "Nice place to go to for focused study sessions. I'll come here more often for sure! :-)"

🎉 🇮🇱 Assaf: "Very nice place, with an excellent study place and atmosphere
highly recommend, you could easily spend a day studying, working. Fast Wi-Fi, good coffee and open 24/7."

Stardust Concepts s.r.o. | Skladná 58, 040 01 Košice-Južné Mesto